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r12: True Spirituality

Sunday, September 19 Valleydale begins a six-week adventure together called “r12: True Spirituality”. Pastor Calvin Kelly will be preaching on the topic and every Life Connection Group will join in the conversation each week in their groups. The resource for our study is a book by Chip Ingram titled “Living on the Edge: Dare to Experience True Spirituality”. It is a study of the principles for the Christian life in Romans 12. Ingram writes, “Romans 12 is the START HERE for the Christian Life. What most Christians sadly misunderstand is that God isn’t into religious activities or performance-based Christianity. Instead, Romans 12 reveals to us a relational profile of what it means to be a disciple, as well as a proven pathway to becoming more like Jesus every day.” Weekly sessions will include:

Session One (9/18): What is True Spirituality?
Session Two (9/25): Giving God what He wants the most.
Session Three (10/3): Getting the very best from God.
Session Four (10/10): Coming to grips with the real you.
Session Five (10/17): Experiencing authentic community.
Session Six (10/24): Overcoming the evil aimed at you.

If you are in a Life Connection Group already you just need to purchase the materials at the information desk and make plans to attend each week. The $8 cost includes a hardback copy of “Living on the Edge”, the r12 study guide, and a copy of the study guide for our next study, “Just Walk Across the Room”.

If you are not currently attending a group, come Sunday, September 12 to the “r12 Connection” that will meet in the Big Room immediately after the service. Childcare and refreshments will be provided and you can register to be in a Sunday morning group (8:15 or 11:00) or an off campus group that meets outside of Sunday morning. The materials will also be available for purchase.

I have personally read the book and am excited about what God is going to do in our church body as we focus on true spirituality and spiritual renewal. My prayer is that the our church and every member will be spiritually impacted by our journey together through this study. I believe the Lord wants to do a fresh work in the life of our church and in each of our individual lives. Make it so Lord Jesus!

Ross Robinson


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Tuesday, June 8 in Moldova

We have spent the last two days in Mereni Noi. Mereni Noi is a village of about two thousand people. Both John Miron and Sergio confirmed that we are the first American team that has worked in this village. There has been strong opposition from the Orthodox priest and we were denied access last year. We were denied access earlier this year but John Miron was persistent and got us in the village. The reception was cool yesterday at the start of the day, but when we left today we were warmly thanked and invited to come back. God used us to open the door for future teams to work. We saw over 130 people in the clinic today. The needs were great. We saw everything from liver disease to a rash on an elderly man’s hands that he has had since childhood. We took pictures and hope that we can find a doctor in Birmingham that can diagnose it and prayerfully know of a medicine that cure it. Every member of our team has had the privilege of sharing the gospel with people in small groups at the clinic. Many have responded to the gospel. What a blessing to be a small part of impacting this village for Christ. Pray for a church to be planted in Mereni Noi.

Blake and Willis left the village a little early and travelled to Chisinau to speak at a youth rally at Jesus the Savior Church. The had over 150 students and came back to the mission house excited about what the Lord had done.

Tomorrow we will be in Chirca, a village of about 2,000. It is down road (the worst I have every been down in all my years in Moldova) a few miles from Mereni Noi. We will be working with Pastor Boris. He has a church of about 25 that he is pastoring. Pray for the Lord to use us as we minister to the people physically in the clinic and spiritually as we share the gospel with them.

I spoke with both John Miron and Valeriu Ghiletchi and the both send their greetings to the Valleydale Church family.

Looking forward to worshipping with you Sunday.

Ross Robinson for the Moldova Mission Team

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Moldova Mission Trip

It is Friday night in Moldova and it has been a great day. We arrived here last night after 24 hours of travel thru Chicago, Frankfurt, and Istanbul. Today has been a day adjusting to the eight hour time difference and getting ready for the medical clinic in the morning. We celebrated Daniel’s birthday at a Moldovan restaurant at lunch. We picked up the medicine and the Bibles and then came back to the mission house to get everything ready. Five of the team went to Chetrosu to prayer walk and invite people to the clinic tomorrow. We will have the medical clinic in Chetrosu Saturday and Sunday afternoon. We will be leading a worship service in the cultural center at 10am Sunday (2am, Birmingham time). Blake and Tebe will be preaching, the rest of the team will be singing and sharing testimonies. Monday and Tuesday we will be in the village of Mereni Noi where there is not an evangelical church. On Wednesday we will be in the village of Chirca. Pray for us as we seek to help plant churches in these three villages.

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A Tribute to Mike Bowles

A Tribute to Mike Bowles

My best friend from college died this morning. It has been twenty years since he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had surgery. Despite a gloomy prognosis he survived the surgery and treatments. Two weeks ago Mike fell and hit his head that lead to his death this morning.

In a person’s lifetime we only have a handful of people who have a lifelong impact on us. Mike was one of those friends for me. We met my first week at Belmont University. We became immediate friends and he become like a brother to me.

We made some great memories of our college days. Like the time Mike and I entered a hamburger eating contest at the cafeteria. Mike won of course, he had a bottomless pit for a stomach. I still have a picture of him when he had fallen asleep in my dorm room. (Mike could sleep through a tornado.) The picture is of a dog eating popcorn out of his hand while he slept. We had a lot of fun together, but my best memories are the long conversations about the Lord and his way of encouraging me in my walk with Christ.

In 1981, Mike made the trip to Dallas, Texas to be in my wedding. Right before the ceremony was to start I was regretting inviting him. He had stolen my tuxedo pants from the dressing room and hid them. It was about three minutes before the ceremony was to start that he finally gave me my pants.

Through the years Mike and I often talked by phone. Actually Mike did most of the talking and I listened. Mike always had a great walk with our Lord Jesus and every time we talked he spoke about what the Lord was doing in his life. Mike called me about a month ago when I was in the car on my way to Chicago to pick up my daughter Rachel. We talked for nearly an hour. He was so excited about what the Lord was doing in his daughter’s life. I will always treasure that last conversation with him. I wished I had told him again how much I loved him and how much he had impacted my life. I have told him that many times before but I wish I had taken that one last opportunity.

Though I will miss him greatly, I rejoice that he now resides in the presence of our Lord Jesus. He has his resurrected body that no longer suffers from the effects of his brain surgery or the trauma from his fall. His hope in Christ is now a reality.

Thanks Mike for your friendship and your example. I will miss you greatly, but I expect you to be a part of the welcoming committee when I join you there.

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Top Ten Spiritual Growth Books

During Sunday’s message I mentioned how important reading great books has been to my personal spiritual growth and promised a blog with my top ten books that I would recommend. There are many books that are worth reading that I have not yet read but here are ten that I have read that had an impact on me.

1.  The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life by Charles Stanley.

This is the best book I have read on the Spirit-Filled Life.

2.  The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges.

This is a classic on spiritual growth and a quick read.

3.  Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney.

This is the best of the spiritual disciplines books that I have read. It covers the basic disciplines that are essential for a growing Christian.

4.  The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

I have read this book once a year for the past five years. In 40 days of readings you will cover the basics of the Christian Life.

5.  Holy Transformation by Chip Ingram.

This book describes the process of spiritual transformation in the believer’s life.

6.  The Essentials of Discipleship by Francis Cosgrove.

This book published by Navpress is a easy read about the essential elements for spiritual growth.

7.  Christ Esteem by Don Matzat.

This is not a well know book like the rest that i have recommended. I recommend it because it will help a believer discover who they are in Christ. I read it many years ago but I still remember the impact that it had on me at the time.

8.  Knowing God by J. I. Packer.

Another of the christian classics and one of the seminary professor’s first books. A bit technical in places but a profound book.

9.  Your God is Too Small by J. B. Phillips.

This short book will challenge you view of God.

10.  The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman.

This book describes the process of discipleship that Jesus used with the twelve disciples.

Limiting the list to ten was very difficult, there are many other books that could have been on the list. But, I want to challenge everyone who reads this blog to choose one of the ten books that I have listed and read it during the next month. Send me an e-mail letting me know which book you read and how God used it in your life. Also I would like to hear from you about a book that has impacted your spiritual life.


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