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Colleen and I made this! It’s the real deal too! Took forever to make! Ha

Here is my first, REAL homemade boomerang!  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with boomerangs and how they work.  The fact that one can throw an object that has no way of controlling itself and it come right back to where it was thrown is amazing!  The way the aborigines created these not having the wood working tools that we have today is such an amazing thing!

When I was a kid, my dad cut out a toy boomerang out of wood.  It wasn’t a real boomerang (even though I know dad could have made a real one with no problem, he’s awesome at woodwork), but it was something I could throw around for fun and feel cool holding.  I’ve always was intrigued with the design of them.  Australia is one of my favorite places, and I hope one day I can visit.  The way Australians talk, the way the art is over there, the building structures, everything is just really cool.  And especially the art of boomerang throwing!  So now, that I’m grown up and have the ability to construct stuff on my own, I decided out of shear spontaneity that I wanted to make something that I’ve always wanted, a boomerang.  Throughout my life, I’ve bought cheap plastic ones that were cool, but they were not that great at flying.  So yesterday, Colleen and I went to LOWES, bought wood, stain, and headed to my parents house where they have all the tools, and we spend about 4 hours constructing this boomerang that you see up above.  I’m hoping to find some time soon to go to a field and let it fly!

First, we got the wood and traced a boomerang design on there, and then marked where the curvature would be rounded.   Colleen cut the boomerang out with a jigsaw and I started the molding process with a sander.  We sanded it down very nicely and finally got it to where it looks like a airplane wing.  This is where the real physics come in to play.  The shape of an airplane wing is formed to create low pressure on one side of the wing, creating ‘lift.’  This enables the plane to be sucked up into the air.  It’s amazing how this works.  The same principle applies to the boomerang. The shape of the boomerangs arms are shaped like an airplanes wings, with the same slant and structure so it makes the same effect, causing the boomerang to be pulled left (with the lift principle) bringing it right back to you.  It’s brilliant.

I want to eventually make better boomerangs as I go for fun.  It’s a good hobby to enjoy on a weekend afternoon! :)

That’s all I have for right now!  Have an incredible day everyone!

Phil <><


August 17, 2009 at 11:29 am 1 comment

Bible Tweets

What if there was Twitter back in bible days?  What a thought eh?  I can’t help but wonder what things would be posted on twitter by Biblical characters.  Here are a couple of things that might have been posted on the twitter board if you were to follow these amazing people in the Bible.  (DISCLAIMER: This is just for fun.  Non of these tweets are at all factual and are just imaginary ideas from Phil)


“Just finished the third day of creation and everything is looking good!  Looking forward to the seventh day!”

“Just got done defeating Goliath, now I’m King! Sweet!”

“I promise you, the rain will come!”

“umm.. so that fruit thing was a bad idea.”

“shall I say, tic tac?”

“just finished fig leaf shopping”

“It’s got to be around here somewhere…”

“Who says you need BowFlex”

“@Eve  Yeah, not such a wise decision.”

“ok, so this tree is alot higher than I thought”

“here kitty kitty kitty..”

“can things get any worse…”

“@Job Cheer up my friend”

“so, I’m staring right into a tigers face right now… this zoo is legit.”

“Just got done eating seafood with Jesus and the boys.  Good times.  Great friends!”

“HP printers, you got nothing on my God.  I got the stones to prove it!”

“Please, take it from me… do what God wants you to do the first time. Fo Sho”

“dude, you should have seen it!!! No strings attached, Jesus totally flew”

“it has been incredibly hot day today, but surprisingly, bearable.”

“@Shadrach ditto!”

“Gotta love a good cruise!”

It’s kind of interesting to wonder about isn’t it? 🙂

Phil <><

August 10, 2009 at 11:42 am 6 comments

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