Every Man Needs to be Courageous

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            No matter the failures or hurts of your past, you can decide today to be a man of honor, a father of faith, and a husband of integrity.  That’s the core message of “Courageous,” last weekend’s biggest new movie and the fourth and latest production from Provident Films and Sherwood Pictures, affiliated with Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia (previous films include Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof).

An unlikely band of four sheriff’s deputies and an unemployed Hispanic form an odd alliance of friends who battle similar challenges from very different backgrounds and circumstances: three of the guys are married with kids, one is divorced, and one fathered a daughter to a cheerleader during recently completed college days.

Alex Kendrick starred in, directed, and produced the movie, as he has the other three of Sherwood’s productions.  He plays Adam, a deputy whose family faces a tragic loss (I didn’t know this before the movie, so I don’t want to ruin it for you), one which God uses in his life to challenge his priorities, values, and lifestyle.  In the wake of his own personal deep Bible study on families, particularly fathering, Adam not only makes a fresh commitment to God in the form of a resolution to his family, but asks other men in his life to hold him accountable for upholding his commitments as well.

With more than enough action, thrills, and real-life drama to suit the most over-active testosterone-drenched viewer, yet sufficient sweetness and tenderness to dampen the eyes of the most hardened guy in the theater, this movie is not for wimps – Paula cried all the way through it and I had my share of misty-eyed, lumpy throat moments, some of which extended way beyond my comfort level.

These Dougherty County cops bust up gangs, arrest hardened thieves, save the innocent, witness police abuse, and see the seedier side of life.  Armed with statistics that undeniably connect fatherlessness in the home with a heightened propensity toward crime, the men in the story begin a campaign that is sweeping the nation – a campaign returning fathers to their Biblical role of being responsible for self and family in a Christ-honoring way.

The production quality of this movie is far beyond the quality of the previous ever-improving films Sherwood has made.  The viewer quickly loses sight of the fact that the entire cast, crew, wardrobe, make-up, and production personnel are all amateur, church-going believers out on a mission to change the world through the power of Jesus Christ.  There are a lot of good, wholesome, and clean movies you could watch with your family this year, but only one is likely to actually bring your family closer to each other and to God.

Christ-followers often complain of the void of morality and character in the entertainment world.  The only way to change that is to support worthy products like this one. Don’t let Courageous slip through your fingers!  It is currently showing at all area theaters.  For more info, click http://www.courageousthemovie.com/themovie.

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